It Begins.

02 Dec

I’ve decided to start my own blog in the vain hope that someone out there wants to listen to what I’ve got to say. A couple of my friends have blogs and one of them semi-regularly contributes to The Pod Delusion, a podcast about skeptical thinking. I submitted one piece for them about the new student loans scheme a while back but since then have struggled to find the time, however I’m hoping that with my own blog I’ll be less constrained by the topic of skeptical thinking (hopefully there will still be lots of that here though) and can post other things as well, specifically things like film, game and comic reviews, updates on my PhD and anything I think may be interesting. I also think it’ll take less prep and execution time to write a blog post than it did to write out and record my Pod Delusion piece.

I suppose the idea to get a blog really kicked off when I started my PhD. A friend of mine who I did my undergraduate degree with (the semi-regular Pod Delusion contributor) also managed to land a PhD position at Leicester and since we started in October we’ve been car sharing to and from work. It has now become a bit of a routine that we start every morning with a coffee and chat about the general problems of the world, before going off to solve two very specific and very diametrically opposed problems in physics (I’m a condensed matter theorist, he’s a theoretical astrophysicist). It is worth pointing that the two problems we are solving as part of our PhDs are the ones we are, hopefully, very informed on. More so as the PhDs progress. The problems we discuss over coffee almost universally involve subjects in which we have no official expertise, but have at least a general understanding, interest and have usually read about in other blogs or reports. We try to apply our own brand of problem solving and thinking to see if we can come up with a solution (regardless of whether one is needed or whether a better one already exists).

A number of the posts in this blog will hopefully revolve around some of those discussions, and by putting them on here we may get an outside opinion that we are missing (there’s always the worry that the two of us are becoming more and more extreme in our views, to the point where people may give us horrified looks when we explain our ideas, but hopefully that’s not the case), or just get the chance to discuss our ideas with others and have people who may know what they’re on about point out everything we’ve got wrong.

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