Avengers Vs X-Men

25 Jan

Marvel’s next big even is Avengers Vs X-Men and deals with the Return of the Phonix Force to Earth. In preparation for this even Marvel have released a series of covers depicting various members of the Avengers and X-Men facing off against each other. A comic book geek like myself loves nothing more than discussing a “who would win” scenario and so I’m going to give my take on the fight depicted on these covers.

One of the things I have learned from my time reading comics is that covers sometimes take liberties and depict events that are nowhere to be found in the comic itself. There is a very good chance that most of these battles may not happen (I think it’s already been mentioned that the Thing will be fighting Namor not Colossus) but that’s not going to stop me commenting on how I think these battles would go.

Update: Reviews of most of the fights throughout the course of the event can be fond here.

Iron Man vs Magneto

On first glance this looks like an easy one to call. Man in an iron suit vs a man who can control iron. The problem is the man in the iron suit is known for having a suit for all occasions (such as the Hulkbuster armour), and for inventing very advanced and far fetched tech. In a recent meeting of the two Stark took the precaution of wearing rubber amour, and in the past has shown the ability to negated the field generated by Magneto. I think the Iron Man armour also has a good enough defence mechanism to protect Stark against any big car shaped projectiles Magneto can throw at him so I’m going to give this one to Iron Man.

Winner: Iron Man


Black Widow vs Psylocke

This is a tough one to call as they’re both characters I’m not that familiar with. As far as I’m aware they are both trained in multiple martial arts weapons, with Black Widow specialising in guns and Psylocke in blades. The one edge I can think of is Psylocke’s mutant abilities. She has the ability to create psychic ‘blades’ that can mentally incapacitate people, in some cases even leaving them brain dead and minor telepathic abilities. Based on this I’m going to give this fight to Psylocke.

Winner: Psylocke


Spider-Man vs Iceman

Iceman is a mutant with the ability to turn himself into and project ice. He is an Omega Level mutant which makes him pretty formidable and his powers potentially limitless. Spider-man has the proportional strength of a spider, spider-sense and quite an impressive intellect. But compared to someone who can reform from the moisture in the air if he gets blown up, or can freeze all of the molecules of an object or person with a thought I don’t think Spider-man has a chance.

Winner: Iceman


Thor Vs Storm

While Storm is often referred to as a goddess she is still only human (albeit an omega level mutated human with the ability to control the weather on a planetary scale). Thor on the other hand is a God. I’m not sure who’s control over the weather is more powerful but I’d be tempted to say Thor. Even if you take away his weather controlling powers he is still virtually immortal and wields Mjolnir, one of the most powerful weapons around. Thor is a cosmic level hero who usually takes on planet level threats such as Galactus and The Celestials, so this win goes to him.

Winner: Thor


Hulk Vs White Queen

The White Queen is a mutant with 2 powers. She can either be one of the worlds most powerful telepaths or transform herself into an almost indestructible diamond form. The key word here is almost. On occasion she has been damaged in this form and so I don’t think it would be beyond the Hulks capabilities. The real decider for this fight is whether The White Queen can shut down the Hulk telepathically. During the World War Hulk story line the Hulk was so fueled by rage that not even Professor X could combat him on a telepathic level, so I’m going to say that the Hulk wins this one.

Winner: Hulk


Luke Cage Vs Beast

Luke Cage has advanced strength and unbreakable skin and Beast has advanced strength and agility and a healing factor. Beast’s healing factor works on the time-span of hours, so I don’t think would add much to this fight. The key element here is Cage’s unbreakable skin. He is extremely difficult to harm and coupled with his advanced strength make him a tank in battle. I can’t see Beast winning this one.

Winner: Like Cage


Ms. Marvel Vs Rogue

This is another one I don’t really have much info on. Rogue has the power to absorb memories and powers from people for a short period of time after coming into physical contact with them. Ms. Marvel has flight, super strength, energy absorption and energy blasts. Her and Rogue have a history after Rogue stole her powers and memories for a shot period of time, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. If Rogue can get close enough to touch Ms. Marvel she could either copy her abilities which means the fight could go either way, or could try and incapacitate her which would probably be more difficult. If she cant touch her then Ms. Marvel can just barrage Rogue from afar with her energy blasts. It’s a tough one but I’m going to give this one to Ms. Marvel

Winner: Ms. Marvel


Daredevil Vs Archangel

Archangel is the result of Apocalypse’s alterations to Warren Worthington, turning him into one of his 4 horsemen, Death. His biological wings were replaced with techno-organic ones made from a similar organic metal as Colossus’ skin. These have razor sharp edges and can fire of blade like feathers coated in neurotoxin. Daredevil is a brilliant hand to hand combatant with training in various forms of martial arts, but that’s about it. He’s like a blind batman (but not as awesome). While I’m sure he wouldn’t go down easy I feel he wouldn’t be able to best Archangel.

Winner: Archangel


The Thing Vs Colossus

The Thing is a member of the Fantastic Four and has superhuman strength and durability due to his rocky physique. Colossus has the ability to turn his skin into a type of organic metal, which increases his strength and durability. Not only that but he is currently empowered by the same force that gave Juggernaught his power, making him even stronger and more unstoppable than before. The new ‘Colossernaught’ is a literal unstoppable force and so in this fight, which comes down to nothing but strength, The Thing cant win.

Winner: Colossus


Gambit Vs Spider-Woman

Gambit can imbue any object he touches with kinetic energy, making something as simple as a pack of playing cards into 52 explosive projectiles. Spider-woman is in no way related to Spider-man. She can shoot bio-electrical energy from her hands that can stun or even kill and secretes a pheromone that can illicit fear or pleasure. She can also stick to walls and possesses superhuman agility. This is the 3rd paring I’m having trouble calling. They both use ranged energy attacks and are very agile. I think I’m going to have to go for Spider-Woman as I think her pheromones will be enough of an edge over Gamit for her to win.

Winner: Spider-Woman


Hawkeye Vs Cyclops

Both Hawkeye and Cyclops have powers that revolve around accuracy. Hawkeye is a master archer at the peak of human ability and Cyclops is a mutant with the ability to shoot a beam of kinetic energy from his eyes with extreme precision. Cyclops has had extensive training as a strategist and tactician which I feel gives him the edge in this fight. Also, while Hawkeye may be extremely fas and accurate with a bow and arrow, I feel that Cyclops’s accuracy and speed will be far grater. Looking at something is generally easier than aiming something, even for master archers.

Winner: Cyclops


Captain America Vs Wolverine

I think I have to give this one to Captain America otherwise my friend Andrew will kill me. Captain America has a drug enhanced physiology giving him super strength, speed, agility and immunity to fatigue. He is on of, if not the, greatest hand to hand combatants on Earth and uses a nigh on indestructible shield in combat. Wolverine is a mutant with extremely enhanced healing abilities. He has also had his entire skeleton covered with adamantium which, like Cap’s shield, is nigh on indestructible. Like Cap, Wolverine is an expert in hand to hand combat, and according to Wikipedia has beat Cap on at least one occasion. As brilliant as Captain America is I think it would be too difficult to restrain Wolverine while at the same time defending yourself.

Winner: Wolverine


Well it looks like I’ve ended up with quite a diplomatic result with each team having 6 wins each (assuming my counting isn’t as bad as my spelling). Hopefully once the event starts we may get to see some of the battles play out and maybe vindicate my opinions, although that’s unlikely to appease the people who disagree. If not then I’ll just have to assume I was right.


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2 responses to “Avengers Vs X-Men

  1. Andy Westoby

    January 26, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    As I’ve been asked to comment on the outcome of these fights I’ll crank the geek-o-meter up to 11! I will use examples where possible and play devil’s advocate.

    Fight One: According to Top Trumps (a credited marvel merchandise) Magneto is more intelligent, however a fractionally inferior fighter with a little less strength. Once I got researching though it became more apparent that no matter how inventive Stark is, Magneto commands power far beyond simple magnetism tricks. He has control over the entire EM spectrum, from atomic bonds and light waves to cosmic feats of extracting Kitty Pryde from a bullet in space!

    So sorry shellhead but as far as I’m concerned Magneto is better matched against Thor or Silver Surfer. Magneto Wins
    A:0 X:1


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