On this page you’ll find a collection of some of my online gaming aliases, if you happen to enjoy playing some of the games I do then feel free to add me [1]:


On the PSN I’m known as Mr_Black_1989, but I don’t really play many multilayer games on my PS3


On Steam you can find me through my Steam profile, or my Steam Workshop. On Steam I’ll usually be playing TF2, Dawn of War or Champions Online or possibly doing some map making for Portal 2 or TF2, but my TF2 map has been on hold for a while now.

I’ve recently set up a TF2 server and have been trying to use the Steam Browser Protocols to set up a link here that will open TF2 and connect you straight to the server, however WordPress keeps altering the link so I’ve not had any luck so far.

Champions Online

On Champions Online my character is called Shaman and is a level 24 grimoire

DC Universe Online

My DC character is Cadavron and is a level 22 Green Lantern

  1. If possible try to make it clear that you’re adding me because of my blog.


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