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The Death of Games Workshop

A lot of my friends play the tabletop version of Warhammer 40K, and while I’ve played a lot of the computer games associated with the franchise they’ve never been able to convince me to take up the physical version. For me the computer games have always been more entertaining, possibly because all the random nature of the game is being done behind the scenes and quite frankly the fights look a lot better. Having said that I do like the idea of building and painting a 40K army but the thing that has stopped me doing that so far is price. The models seem too expensive for what they are, and so for now I’ve stuck to the digital versions. This could all change however with 3D printers, and if it does I don’t think Games Workshop will like the outcome [1].


3D printers are devices that allow you to take a model that you’ve designed on a PC, or scanned from a real object, and then build it up layer by layer from plastic. These models can be anything from spoon holders to 1/4 inch lead screw nut adapters, and maybe even full 40K armies. Now at the moment the physical models produced can look very amateur, either due to the printing process itself or because the initial CAD model wasn’t particularly good, however I think both of these will be solved if the technology improves and becomes cheaper. Read the rest of this entry »


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